ECOLE 2020
C'est l'année scolaire 2020.
Qu'est-ce qu'on peut faire en classe?
Qu'est-ce qu'on peut faire avec les Escargots?
Qu'est-ce qu'on peut faire quand tout le monde est à la maison?

Cette page est pour les Profs!

The idea for this page was sparked by Escargot Prof Jen, who contributed the first bonne idée for how to use les Escargots to help
us through these strange days ahead. It seems that each school/community is doing something a little different.
And each school's plan has the disclaimer that everything could change at any time.

I hope to hear from many Escargot Profs who will share bonnes idées, thoughts,
projects and contrived Escargot scenarios that will inspire the rest of us.

We can brainstorm ideas for distance learning, all things Covid-19, the bizarre things 2020 has brought:
Murder Hornets, double hurricanes, the upcoming (small and not really alarming) Asteroid 2018V81 due to
pass by the day before the American election. Probably there will be more.
All idées welcome!

Notez bien: Le Grand Escargot has made the decision to NOT feature politics on the site, but if
you have something planned chez vous, you're welcome to share your idées here.

from Jen Holzberger:

I am playing with this idea: these little Escargots are coming from France
and need to quarantine in a safe house until they can start school (rather than an adoption in quarantine).
I suppose I will have to add that they have tested negative for antibodies to the introductions!
(I am going to have to learn some new French/Covid vocabulary to make this work).
And, I can make the period longer than 14 days since snails may need longer to show symptoms.
Thinking up little scenarios is fun, now I just have to put it all to work somehow.

(nous attendons d'autres bonnes idées...)

On pense...
Envoyez-les au Grand Escargot, SVP:


!l'enseignement à distance !la quarantaine !la distanciation sociale !la fièvre !la toux !la fatique !la diminution de sens du goût !la perte d'odorat !les douleurs musculaires !les maux de gorge !les vomissements !les congestions !la crise sanitaire !la pandémie !l'épidémie !les masques de protection !

On dit «le Covid» ou «la Covid»?
Voici la décision de l'Académie Française.

Le Grand Escargot